CGI video realized for Neo Borocillina product presentation.

Realized with Blender for modeling, animation and rendering, and Natron for some post production.

These CGI sequences have been realized for the video realized by JMotion for Fenix group. My role was to model, shade, animate and render all the sequences. The softwares used are Blender and Natron.
Queste sequenza in CG sono estratte dal video realizzato da JMotion per Fenix Group. Io mi sono occupato della ricostruzione in 3D dei macchinari, dello shading, rendering ed animazione, incluse le scene di simulazione degli effetti del macchinario sulla pelle.

Video Lines

In this video realized by The Shift I was responsible for the modeling of the packages (4 packages but here there are only 2 of them) and the uv layout that have to match as best as possible the client templates. All models are created and unwrapped with Blender

In this video realized by The Shift for Narhinel I was responsible for modeling and unwrapping the characters of the mom, the baby, the small fairy and many of the props. All models are created and unwrapped with Blender

Finally it's been published the video realized by Fast Forward for Dolce&Gabbana, and I modeled (with Blender !) the bottles of perfume (classic poligonal quad mesh ) and the golden coins (with dinamic mesh). You can find it in the attached link, in the top part of the page, hope you like it!

Finalmente è stato pubblicato il video realizzato da Fast Forward per Dolce&Gabbana, a cui ho collaborato modellando le bottiglie di profumi e le monete (con Blender). Lo trovate nel link qui sotto, nella parte alta della pagina, spero vi piaccia!

This spot was realized by The Shift during this summer, and I modeled the biscuits and many of the props in the kitchen and on the table.
Blender has been used for modeling, lightning and rendering, and XSI for rigging and animation. The animated character were transferred between the two softwares using meshcache.
It's been a nice project to work on, a full high quality 3D spot with a lot of Blender inside, and everithing worked pretty well.
So congratulations to The Shift and all the other guys working on this video!

"El Dante" 3D Intro