Quasi 8 mesi fa, il sottoscritto e Pierpaolo Concetti, hanno completato il loro primo fumetto in 3D. In 3D per la realizzazione con Blender, per la resa finale delle immagini, e infine per il fatto di essere stato realizzato in stereoscopia, quindi simulando la profondita nelle scene, percepibile indossando gli occhialini con lenti rosse e blu.
Tutte le immagini sono state assemblete sul template del pieghevole con Photoline, aggiungendo infine baloon, testo e grafiche.

Ultimo modello-sketch del fine settimana. Blender e Photoline.

These CGI sequences have been realized for the video realized by JMotion for Fenix group. My role was to model, shade, animate and render all the sequences. The softwares used are Blender and Natron.
Queste sequenza in CG sono estratte dal video realizzato da JMotion per Fenix Group. Io mi sono occupato della ricostruzione in 3D dei macchinari, dello shading, rendering ed animazione, incluse le scene di simulazione degli effetti del macchinario sulla pelle.

More renders from the previous model, here we are more near the model and details are better visible.

First final renders from the previous model. I added a lot of details with Zbrush cause Sculptris started to die about at 1.5 million poligons.
So CTRL + D in ZB and keep on modeling, no fear. Then I imported a +- 4 million poligon decimated version in Blender and started playing with Cycles.
Mixing, inverting and filtering Dirty Vertex Colors I started to give emphasis on some details and elements 'til I reach this final version.
More renders are coming.

This is the final image. The model is rendered in Blender with a basic material, and then I add a bit of post production with Photoline to give it a dark mood.

Final post of the model. I decide to call this image "People from the sea" and try to develop a series of characters with a strong connection with the sea and everything that's below it. All the post is realized with Photoline, I added the fake luminositi in the upper part of the image, the blurriness on the snake and on the background, and enhancing the details of the body using ambient occlusion.

Finally, at least one year after it's beginnig, this image find its final version. It shows a funny and fat metal head going with a big provisions of beers and all the essential tools to the Wacken, one of the biggest metal festival in Europe, famous for the three days of music and three days of rain and mud that usually rage all the area.

Final composite of this image. There is a lot of post production work on this still, the mountains on the back, clouds, extension of the ground, the blood on the rocks, the smoke near the cavern, blood and dirt and scare on the body of the creature and a lot of details were added for the rocks to improve the realism. Clearly the position and size of the mountains is completely different from the final original render that you can find below.